Cat Grooming Houston | + Cat Bathing in Houston, TX.

Mobile Cat Grooming Houston Front

Houston’s best source for cat bathing, cat flea dips, and on rare occasions cat grooming! Bring your furry feller just right outside to us to have he or she cleaned up in our pet grooming Houston mobile unit. Check out the images below of both client cats and our state of the art mobile pet grooming Houston unit. No need for long stressful car rides to the loud pet stores anymore! Our home-like environment has a profound affect on your pets stress levels. No other clients are services at the same time as your cat do to stress. We also use only the best shampoos and the fluffiest towels so that the bathing process is done correctly. Your cat will come back feeling just as calm as the cat’s in the video attached. Call us today if you have any questions about cat bathing and grooming or to schedule an appointment with our mobile pet grooming unit. (281) 849-7999

Pictures of the Mobile Pet Grooming Houston Unit

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